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What Metrics are Potential Sponsors Looking for?

Sponsoring a minor league sports team can be a great way for businesses to increase their brand visibility and reach a passionate, engaged audience. However, sponsors want to ensure that their investment is worth the money and effort, which is why they look for certain key metrics when considering sponsorship opportunities. In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 key metrics that sponsors are looking for when sponsoring minor league sports teams.

  • Attendance

The first metric that sponsors consider is the attendance at the games. A higher attendance means more exposure for the sponsor’s brand, as there will be more eyes on the team’s uniforms, signage, and other sponsored elements. Sponsors are interested in understanding the historical and projected attendance figures for the team and how those numbers compare to other teams in the league. They want to see that the team has a solid fan base and that the games are well-attended.

  • Media Exposure

The second metric that sponsors consider is the media exposure that the team receives. Sponsors want to know how frequently the team is featured in local and national media outlets, such as newspapers, radio, and television broadcasts. They want to understand the quality and quantity of media exposure that the team receives, including whether the team has a strong social media presence and how often it is mentioned or tagged on various social media platforms.

  • Fan Engagement

The third metric that sponsors consider is fan engagement. Sponsors want to know how engaged the team’s fans are with the team and its sponsors. They want to understand how active the team’s social media channels are and how frequently fans interact with those channels. They also want to see evidence of fan loyalty, such as high levels of season ticket sales and fan participation in promotional activities.

  • Brand Alignment

The fourth metric that sponsors consider is brand alignment. Sponsors want to ensure that their brand values and messaging align with those of the team. They want to understand the team’s mission and values and how those align with their own brand values. Sponsors want to work with teams that have a positive reputation and are seen as leaders in their industry or community.

  • Return on Investment

Finally, sponsors are interested in the return on investment (ROI) that they can expect from their sponsorship. They want to know how sponsoring the team will help them achieve their marketing and business objectives. This may include increased brand awareness, higher sales, or improved customer engagement. Sponsors want to understand the value that the team can provide them and how that value compares to other sponsorship opportunities.

In conclusion, sponsors are looking for several key metrics when sponsoring minor league sports teams. These include attendance, media exposure, fan engagement, brand alignment, and ROI. Teams that can demonstrate strong performance in these areas are more likely to attract and retain sponsors, which can help them build a strong fan base and achieve their goals.


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